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Experience pure relaxation
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Experience pure relaxation – starting with a classic massage, which is optimally suited for relieving tension and similar disorders and which improves circulation. Waste products are also removed. Another form of massage is our foot reflexology massage, which treats illnesses and other disorders by certain pressure points in the foot. The ear candling treatment is a special treatment originating from the Hopi Indians that is used to treat headaches and earaches as well as vestibular disorders.

Manual lymph drainage is based on a certain technique, with which lymph is drained via lymph vessels. Edema can be effectively treated this way. Along with healthy benefits, all massages offer one thing in particular: a pleasant, soothing, relaxed feeling that will complete your wellness vacation.

Relaxing massage

It provides general relaxation in the body, improves circulation in the muscles and skin, and relieves muscle spasms and tension. It can even alleviate pain caused by hardening and tension of the muscles occurring frequently in the neck or shoulders. Physical therapists and masseurs also speak of muscle adhesions. With a relaxing massage, these will be eased and eliminated. The muscles will then be able to move freely again. This is one of the reasons why you feel so pleasantly relaxed after this massage. Following this massage, we recommend around 1 hour of rest.

Classic Swedish massage

Due to many different causes, we have tension and muscle spasms in the body. The classic massage is excellently suited for resolving these problems. It provides for better circulation and thus more oxygen is delivered to the cells. In addition, waste substances are removed. Depending on which technique is practiced, it can have either a relaxing or stimulating effect. Combinations with other tried and true techniques also work well. As one of the most popular types of massages, customers request it very often. Let yourself be pampered by a classic massage in our wellness hotel.

Sports massage

It serves to loosen tension but also prepare the body for training and competition. Sports massages make the pain of excessive muscle strain disappear, injuries heal faster, and it enhances well-being. This form of massage targets muscle groups that are strained with sports activities, and many different soothing, relaxing massage techniques are used. Sports massages are not just for athletes but also for people in everyday life.

Tiroler Steinöl massage

Since 1902, Tiroler Steinöl® has been mined from oil shale 1500 meters above the Achensee and processed into care products. The active ingredients found in oil stone come from prehistoric marine animals and plants. With its unique composition and high content of bound sulfur, Tiroler Steinöl has an exceptionally soothing and nourishing effect on people and animals - whether as a mild care product for skin and hair or as a tried and true household remedy for aching muscles.

Relaxation massage with face massage

Light full-body massage combined with a soothing facial massage.

Back massage

The back massage is the ideal massage for dissolving blockages in the back and neck. It has a supporting, activating effect and brings fresh energy. It’s perfect for those who sit at a desk and especially at a computer all day, because this causes painful neck tension followed by headaches. With this massage, the muscles are deeply penetrated, which achieves good results. This form of massage lasts half an hour.

Anti-stress massage

The anti-stress massage is a relaxing massage that provides for your physical and mental well-being. It is an ideal treat for example after a long, exhausting work day. The anti-stress massage increases physical and mental vitality, strengthens the immune system as well as ability to concentrate, and provides for restful sleep. Stress and tension will be relieved and general well-being improved.

Foot massage

We demand a lot of our feet every day. They carry us everywhere, and yet most people devote little to no attention to them. With a foot massage you can pamper your feet with little effort and without any additional tools. Like all parts of the body, the feet consist of a complex system of muscles, nerves, and tendons. Heavy strains, improper footwear, and stress lead to tension, which can have an effect on well-being and the whole body.

Intensive head, neck, and shoulder massage

A tense neck can immobilize you and inevitably leads to pain. A massage of the neck area helps loosen tense muscles thus alleviating tension headaches for the long term with regular treatment. You might recognize the relaxing effect when you get your hair washed at the hairdresser. On the scalp are many nerve endings that are very sensitive to stroking movements of the hand. A head massage is basically the same thing only a little more intense. In the truest sense of the word, a head massage will clear your mind.

Kid’s massage

Light partial-body massage for children.

Relaxing massage50 min€ 61,-
Relaxing Massage80 min€ 89,-
Classical Swedish Massage50 min€ 61,-
Classical Swedish Massage80 min€ 89,-
Sports Massage25 min€ 36,-
Sports Massage50 min€ 64,-
Tyrolean stone oil massage25 min€ 39,-
Tyrolean stone oil massage50 min€ 69,-
Classical relaxing massage incl. facial massage50 min€ 66,-
Back massage25 min€ 34,-
Anti Stress back massage50 min€ 61,-
Foot massage25 min€ 34,-
Intensive head, neck and shoulder massage25 min€ 34,-
Children massage25 min€ 31,-
O² Lift Oxygen90 min€ 128,-
The Max Anti Aging Intensive90 min€ 108,-
The Ormedic Intensiv60 min€ 85,-
Exclusive for him60 min€ 85,-
The fine experience25 min€ 49,-
Eyebrows and Eyelashes* € 17,-
Eyebrows regulation and tinting EXTRA € 15,-
Eyelashes tinting EXTRA € 15,-

*Regulation and tinting in combination with a facial treatment